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A Saturday Afternoon Wedding on the Island of La Grande Jatte in Upstate New York.


Owen graduated from Rutgers yesterday!!! Hooray!!! <3



My wife didn’t appreciate my fridge magnet poem.

aw wish Sam would do this with my fridge magnet words

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Video coming soon!

Why are interracial couples such a big thing for you besides being in a interracial couple? Are interracial couples really a big issue? I mean race is made up by humans. Sorry. I just see interracial couples as interracial couples. I just see them as just a couple. I am just curious. I haven't looked through your whole blog but I noticed you guys post a lot of black female and white male interracial couples.
twotones twotones Said:

We are supporters of all kinds of love, and chose to start a blog that reflects *our* black-female-white-male love. You don’t need to look through our whole blog to see that most of the photos on our tumblr are of us.

Interracial relationships SHOULD NOT be a big deal. We don’t claim to be any more special than other couples….and while we post a lot of images of interracial couples and commentary about race, we also just post love stuff and occasionally some personal stuff. We’ve even posted a video of us singing together, because we love making music.

But here’s why we decided to start this blog, and why interracial dating is its focus:
- Because we love each other and this is the digital equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops. And we happen to be interracial.
- Because race being “made up by humans” doesn’t make it any less real, and the idea of colorblindness is counterproductive because it negates REAL cultural differences that still exist and need to be discussed.
- Because the results of a regular ol’ Google image search for “couples” won’t look like us.
- Because interracial couples STILL get side-eyed in the street.
- Because we get questions (most of which we’ve been asked to answer privately) from people wondering about our interracial relationship as well as seeking advice for their own interracial relationships.
- ANNNNND because of this quote that you reblogged from us:

- Ro

You guys would still love us if we looked like this, right?

Because this is what we look like now. 


Having my hubby cut and style my hair for the wedding today  (Taken with Instagram)

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Photobooth fun with my favorite <3

Our friends and neighbors Mike & Karen tied the knot yesterday. And the universe rejoiced!!